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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boston Museum of Science

Today we intended to get out of the trailer earlier so that we could have more time in the city and see both the Boston Museum of Science and take a Duck Tour. The Duck Tour is an amphibious vehicle tour that goes around the city showing the sights and a guide teaching some history and then the vehicle drives into the Charles River and shows some more. There was a character development issue that we needed to address with a couple of the kids though and they weren't as receptive as we would have hoped and so we ended up taking much longer than we thought to work through it. We didn't get to the subway station until around noon.

The transferring process from red line to green line took a while and then the last train that we wanted to get on was soo crowded and full that we made the call to just walk the last few blocks to the museum much to the chagrine of Spencer. But it was a beautiful day for a walk. When we got to the museum, we flashed our reciprocal museum pass from Evergreen and still had to buy two tickets for the "extra" kids. At their price, we really appreciated our pass for the rest of us. There was so much to see and do at the museum.

Here are some of the highlights:
Old hat T (subway) riders...Spence and Brock are snoozing

Brighton was startled to see his name in the sidewalk
on our walk from the T station to the museum

Is he famous or something?

Exhibit on models - giant grasshopper
Create your own computer animated fish, tag it(name it) and release it and watch
it interact with other fish. There were all these little fish called BEN swimming around. LOL

Spencer in the hurricane chamber - hearing and feeling nearly 80mph winds

Skylar (Ben) in the same chamber totally hamming it

Brynna with "Cliff", a nearly complete skeleton of a triceratops (one of only 5) 

A model of the only T-Rex footprint in existence
Humerus (upper arm) bone of a brachiosaurus

Ben watching a turtle swim up and down

"Lyuba", a baby wooly mammoth that was found in 2007 in Siberia; she died
at about 1 month old.

Huge tusk

 A great museum. We didn't even come close to seeing everything in the four hours we were there.

At the end of the day, we were all pretty tired and very hungry and we decided not to do the Duck Tour and we hit Mandarin Chef Chinese restaurant in Foxboro for dinner on the way back to the trailer.

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