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We packed up the kids, dog and the trailer and headed out for adventure, learning and helping others. During our adventure we will try to update this site as often as possible to keep everyone interested involved in our travels and to keep a journal for ourselves. The plan is to be working, schooling, helping and sharing on the road for a year.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Day in Boston

This morning's schedule was typical. Brock checked the board. The kids were a little squirrelly, so Brock took his shower and headed to the recreation lodge at this campground where there is an adult loft. This is a place with tables, chairs and couches and no one under 18 is allowed, a place where Brock could drink his coffee and concentrate on his work and have a little peace. In the mean time, the kids and I had french toast and wrapped up our Operation Christmas Child boxes. Well, four of the six before we ran out of tape. :O( Then, we headed to the indoor pool and spent a good hour and a half swimming and playing in the water. There was one lady swimming laps when we arrived, but she didn't stay too long, ;o) so we had the place to ourselves. I even got to sit in the jacuzzi for awhile by myself since the posted rule there is no one under 18 also. (gotta love printed rules)

After our water recreation time, Heidi got to go to the dog park to run free again while I made lunch and we figured out timing for Brock to get to Craig's office to be able to see his operations and sit in on an interview. We also wanted to go back by the church we had visited on Sunday and drop off our OCC boxes for shipment. Samaritan's Purse has added a new element this year, where if you make your shipping donation online, you can get a bar code to tape to your boxes and then you'll be able to track your specific boxes to know when they've been delivered. Pretty cool. So we made our shipping donation and got the email with the labels on it. Since we don't have a printer we hoped to catch someone at the church office who could print them for us. We did, (Thanks, Lisa!) and the drop-off of the boxes was completed seamlessly.

Next we drove the forty something miles to Roan Solutions where we dropped Brock at the door of the building and the kids and I struck out on our own in the Yukon to look for the way to walk around Fresh Pond, a beautiful lake that was right there by the office. Every parking area we pulled into said you had to be a Cambridge Resident so we didn't stay and drove a little ways around the lake. We eventually saw a playground and I whipped into a spot on the side of the street which had a sign that said something like "don't park here if it snows" or something to that effect and we figured we were safe and went to check out the playground. The kids blew off yet more steam while I mostly watched. Sky made it all the way across the zip line by himself and was proud. Spence is an old pro on pretty much all the tricks. Brighton was adopted by a little boy of around 6 or 7 who had a ton of energy and liked to play rough. I'm not sure how it started, but Brighton played the playmate for a LONG time and the little boy seemed to have a good time playing with him. Bryn did a little playing and a little helping Sky and a little watching with me.

When we'd been there close to an hour, I suggested we might want to find our way back to the building where Roan Solutions was and I didn't get any negative feedback. Everyone was ready. I punched the address into the gps and Tom directed me back. However...the road was divided and I had to drive right past the building for quite a ways and then pull into a very busy road that led into a subway station parking area and turn around so that I could get back out onto that busy road going the direction that would allow me to get off. Brock still hadn't called and it was right around 5 so traffic was pretty heavy. We pulled into the parking lot and decided to go check out Trader Joe's until Brock called which was pretty much right in the same lot.

We picked up a few groceries and sampled some really yummy hot apple cider and then took our purchases out to the Yukon. When we got there, Brock called and said he was ready to go. We had wanted to treat Craig and his family out to dinner, but they asked us to come back to their house and Kim made yet another delicious dinner for all of us. We really enjoyed getting to visit with them again and are so grateful for their hospitality. Tyler and Jake were a couple of cool kids. All the kids played together, joked together, wrestled and told silly stories together and there was even some kind of hockey game. Fun times were had by all! Thank you, Raubenheimer Family!

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