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We packed up the kids, dog and the trailer and headed out for adventure, learning and helping others. During our adventure we will try to update this site as often as possible to keep everyone interested involved in our travels and to keep a journal for ourselves. The plan is to be working, schooling, helping and sharing on the road for a year.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

We made it to Maine

We actually got on the road today before our expected ETA which was pretty unusual. I was not sure what the day would hold in terms of roads as the only East/West roads in Maine seem to be two lane highways. Turns out highway 2 was in great shape and we made good time.

We left Vermont and hit New Hampshire and before we knew it were leaving New Hampshire and entering Maine! I think we took a rest stop break in New Hampshire so I think it counts as setting foot on the land to justify our sticker being valid on our map.

The drive was really pretty but still not as spectacular as the Adirondacks were. The winds picked up along the way and leaves were blowing everywhere.

We made it to Palmyra, ME about 2PM and were parked in our campsite by 2:30PM which left us time to eat lunch, walk the dog and meet the neighbors. We are definitely noticing the accents kicking in around here. Kinda cool and looking forward to more accents as we hit different parts of the country, especially the south.

We had to hit Walmart for items and took a bit to look around at the churches in town to see which would be a good one to attend tomorrow. Turns out the drive tomorrow is only about 80 miles to the Atlantic ocean!  That will mark the east most part of our journey. From then on out we head south, west and north on our way back across the US. Kinda weird!

Since it was pouring out we put on a movie and the kids are enjoying while Stacey and I are catching up on planning for the next few days.

Tomorrow we should hit Fort Knox and end up at Bar Harbor, ME which is just by Acadia National Park. We are praying the weather clears up as a thunderstorm hit us this evening and drenched the area. I am hoping we will eat some Lobster and Chowda tomorrow!

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