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Monday, October 8, 2012

Responsibilities & Acadia National Park

Today was a gorgeous sunny day. Chances of rain were pretty much zero. Brock had stuff he had to get done for work and we had school work to do and our laundry was overrunning the trailer so we had to do that, and by the time we had time to get out and explore Acadia National Park, it was nearly 4 pm. BUT we did decide to hit it and see what we could see before the sun went down.

Here is a quick tour:

I didn't notice Skylar's expression when I took this pic at the top of Cadillac Mountain

Now we're smilin'.

All 3 boys were running, jumping, climbing, having a blast - scaring us a little.

Striking a pose

Pausing his action as a favor to me to pose for the pic.

Sand Beach

Guess just seeing things in the late afternoon isn't too bad. It was really pretty.

Thunder Hole (we didn't hit it at exactly the right time in regards to the tides, but it was still roaring a little)

Sun was pretty much down, but the skies were still gorgeous. From here, we continued to drive around the loop and enjoyed the scenery until it got too dark.

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