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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We got up fairly early and got ready for the day and then headed to the Food Pantry where we hoped to help out this morning. When we arrived, the director apologized profusely, but said they couldn't allow children in the warehouse. She was very nice and said she could use Brock and I, but the kids couldn't be inside. She gave us a tour of their operations. It was actually really large and very well organized. After the tour, we asked if maybe there was anything the kids could do outside and she said they could sweep out one of the trucks and also sweep out the bay where the truck parks. They walked all around the buildings looking for any garbage they might pick up, but it was very clean. Brock and I were able to help sort some food boxes that came in. Mostly produce, pulling out anything that wasn't good and putting those in boxes for feeding pigs and goats and putting the good stuff in other boxes to be picked up later that day. There was a lot of waiting because it seemed that the truck deliveries from the stores come sporadically. Only one delivery came while we were there and they said there would be four or five more today. We had hoped to help out with one more since Brock could help carry around some of the heavier boxes, but it didn't show up before we had to leave. There were a lot of really nice people, all volunteers, that we met and we all really enjoyed ourselves.
We had to leave in order to reach the post office to pick up our wonderful box from home that was waiting for us, but we had to get there before the PO closed at noon. We made it and got the box with no trouble at all. It was my first general delivery mail ever! It contained our mail from home and LOTS of presents from Carly, George, Jaden and Ava. We decided to wait to open the presents until tomorrow so we can put them around our little tree. :O)

We saw a cardinal on our way to the pool. No good
zoom on my phone though.
When we got back to the trailer, the kids were dying to go swimming. Today's high was still only about 60 and I had to do laundry. The sign on the laundry room door says not to enter with wet swimsuit so therefore, I couldn't swim, but fortunately the laundry room is right at the pool so the kids swam for a long time while I babysat the laundry and then folded four loads of clothes by myself since they were playing together nicely and having fun in the water. I told them that was their Christmas present from me. ;o) Only half joking. LOL
Tonight, we ate dinner and then opened up Brighton's present to the family, the movie Ice Age 4 and a pack of Starbursts, and we had a family movie night. Fun times.

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  1. I hope you had a great christmas eve,and a super Christmas lots of Love grandpa and Dad