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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goodbyes :o( and Daddy's Home! :o)

Today we all got up and ate breakfast together. The kids played with their Lego guys quite awhile. Who knew Lego guys could make such a variety and such a volume of noises? While we were hanging out together I received a text from Brock that they were having "IT issues" at the airport in Bend, affecting the west coast they said, and so he had a flight delay. That meant that he most likely wouldn't make his Denver connection since it was already tightly scheduled with only 40 minutes between flights at that airport. Brock texted that he would keep me posted.

Angel volunteered to take Mom to the airport since she was headed out to drive home anyway. This saved me in a couple of ways. It saved in gas since I had to drive the 30 minutes to the airport later that afternoon to pick Brock up anyway. It saved emotionally since airport goodbyes are always hard. It was still hard to say goodbye to Mom, but I was so grateful that we were able to get her here for a visit. Angel and I might get a chance to see each other again in the next couple of weeks since their family will most likely be in Aventura for a couple of months so that is something to look forward to also.

Once our company left, we had some cleanup and laundry to get done before Daddy came home. We leisurely worked on that and the kids played with their Legos nearly all day. While at the laundry room, I got another text from Brock that he had made it in to Denver, but he had missed the connection. The airline would put him onto another flight that would arrive in Tampa around 6 pm. We were disappointed that we would be delayed in seeing him, but still excited that today was the day!

Around, 4 pm we headed to Costco to make an exchange and grab a couple of groceries before we went to the airport. We timed out perfectly arriving at the airport right around 6 pm. We parked at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot and waited for Brock to call us so that we'd know which terminal to pick him up at. He called us around 6:15 and we cruised down to Arrivals to pick him up. It was nice to know he was right there. As we drove in though, there were a lot of cars all lined up. I'd hoped to switch drivers, but no such luck; we needed to make it quick so we didn't get blocked in.

All the drive home to the trailer, four kids talked at once to fill Brock in on all he had missed.

We got home and ate dinner and then it was after 8 and bedtime. It feels very good to have our family all together again. Tomorrow night, Brock and I need to get busy and do some planning. Where do we go from here? Our reservations at this campground are through Wednesday. All I know is that after experiencing Clearwater Beach, I want more like that...and I want Brock to see it and feel that sugary sand too.

Spencer built a "demolition dummy" today. He
stuffed it with clothes.

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  1. I think you are VERY wise to add some more gulf beach time....that sand is incredible! The beaches south of Tampa are quite nice as well. My favorite down there is Longboat Key near Sarasota....but not sure if there are parks nearby or not..and I am old, so not sure how many activities there are....the beaches however are gorgeous and usually pretty empty down there.