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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sticky Day & MOSI

We awoke to overcast skies and very muggy, thick air. I took Heidi for a quick walk, but it was very stifling.

We decided to try to be done with our schoolwork by 1:30 today so that we could all go check out the Florida Air Museum since it is one of the organizations that is on the list for our reciprocal pass. Everyone was working towards that goal pretty nicely.

About mid-morning, Brock took Heidi for a run. The skies were very clear and the sun felt very hot. I think the humidity was in the 90's%. Brock came back really sweaty and red-faced. He decided he would need to run earlier in the day from now on.

At the MOSI Historical Garden - I think this is a huge
prickly pear cactus about to have hundreds of
beautiful blooms, but all I could think about
was a giant Christmas Cactus.

We didn't quite meet our goal of being done with school by 1:30, but Brock was on a call and so we kept working until we finished up just before two. We had a leftovers lunch and Brock finished up his call and we all piled into the Yukon. While we were trying to plug the address of the aviation museum into the gps, Brock noticed on the museum website that their Fall Hours are CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday. Whoops! Well, there went that idea; what else could we go do since we were in the car and ready to go? The other museum on our list that is in Tampa is the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). It was a little further away and it also closed at 5 pm, but we decided to go ahead and go even though we'd only have an hour and a half there. Our admission was free after all. Well, technically, the agreement says up to 5 people get in free, but when we got there, they let us all in anyways. :O) The only cost was $4 to get out of the museum parking lot. Pretty good for an hour and a half of entertainment for 6 people, don't you think?

Disasterville Exhibit at the MOSI

Disasterville News Room
Tornado Exhibit - don't panic Skylar
Brock said he did NOT like the hurricane

Brighton on the other hand, thought it quite

Brighton touching a tesla coil - supposed to demonstrate how lightning works.
Mindball - put on a headband that measures your
brain waves and supposedly the most relaxed person
will win the game by moving the ball
with his brain waves towards the other person.

We drove back to the campground in 5 o'clock traffic, which was a pretty slow. When we got here we decided that given our late lunch, we would just go ahead and skip dinner and have milkshakes from the campground diner called Exit 10. They were pretty sweet, yummy and filling.
They made it look like the diner is inside this bus. Pretty cute.

We keep waiting for another storm to come through, but so far we've seen a little rain off and on and that's it. Phew!

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