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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving on

Another beautiful day in Florida. We got to sleep in just a little as today we move from Haines City to just outside of Tampa. We needed to checkout by 11AM and we had decided that since we missed donuts the previous weekend we would go to the nearby donut shop for breakfast.

Once we got all ready we headed down to DK Donuts which actually looks like an old Arby's attached to a gas station that is out of business. Not the most appealing for a donut shop but when we walked in the door we were warmly greeted and they were doing quite a business - both good signs. We decided on two donuts a piece which comes out nicely to be a dozen. The price was good as were the donuts.

Amply charged on sugar we headed over to the Pilot gas station which is one of the few we can use our Pilot/Flying J card at and get 4 cents off each gallon. Afterwards, we hit Walmart for a few items that we were not able to get at the Publix store we went to last night.

Once back at the RV Park we continued our tasks for getting ready. I have waxed three quarters of the trailer and wanted to try to finish up this morning but time was not going to allow that. Yesterday as we returned from the pool we found we had a motorhome right next to us. He commented that we were staying a day too late as he arrived a day early and was supposed to be in our spot. Not sure if he was kidding or not so we took it as he was since otherwise he would just be a grumpy guy. None the less, we wanted to make sure to leave on time today in case he really was grumpy about us being in his spot even though he arrived a day early.

Pack-up went smoothly and we were on the road right at 11AM when we planned. The drive was nice and not overly crowded. It took about an hour to get to our next park which is pretty unique. It is an RV dealership that owns a large amount of property. They have a whole section of the campground dedicated to people picking up their new RV to spend the first night which is a great idea. They also have all of their showroom out in part of the campground so it looks like you are camping when you go to check out their inventory.

Also onsite are a Flying J gas station, a Cracker Barrel restaurant and a Camping World store! Needless to say we were not sure if the campground itself was going to be nice but it turns out it is and this will be a good spot for us for the next week and a half. It is also pretty close to Tampa which will make getting to the airport and back a little easier for Stacey as I have to fly back to Bend this week for our company meetings. Beth will be flying in the day after I leave and will get to spend time here with the family while I am gone so everyone is pretty excited for her visit.

One of the things they also told us is there is a restaurant offering free breakfast and lunch right inside their sales dealership building. We decided we would go and have lunch there (it is free so why not?). We ended up taking a little too long to get there and missed lunch by 10 minutes. Since we were already there we decided to hit Camping World where we picked up another little folding table as I am always using our other one for work and Stacey got it originally for more counter space.

Back at the trailer the kids watched a show while Stace and I took a nap. We then played a board game and had a good dinner before heading to bed. Stacey and I even got in a nice walk with Heidi while the kids were finishing their show. A nice day spent as a family!

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