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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Arriving at our Campsite (February 20th, cont'd)

(Stacey writing)

After we left the plantation, we continued our route to our campsite which was almost three hours instead of the two that I had originally thought based on my google map route. That meant arriving after dark. Bummer. It seemed that google maps didn't actually know where the campground was, but Tom was accurate. The highways we drove on were concrete sections and so were really bumpy and the back roads we started onto were even worse, lots of potholes.

We kept getting closer to the four-site park and the roads kept getting narrower and the spanish moss was really thick on the trees. On the phone, the park's owner had mentioned you turn at a cemetery and keep going about a quarter mile. Didn't think anything of that at the time, but as the route was feeling more and more remote, Brock was cracking jokes about the guy probably being a psycho. We got to the cemetery, which is an above-ground kind because of the water content of the soil here. (Much creepiness at night, remote back roads, spanish moss swaying in the breeze.) We drove along and finally saw the campground sign. There were two trailer houses on either side of the property so we didn't know in which one the owner lived. I called him to let him know that we were here, much later than I'd expected. He said, "I was wonderin' about y'all." He also said he'd be here in a minute. There were two of the four sites available and we weren't sure which one to take.

We got back into the Yukon to wait for the owner to arrive and realized just how soggy the ground was that we'd pulled onto. The Yukon was actually sitting in a grassy field area and Brock was a little worried that we might be stuck. The owner, Jim, pulled up in his truck, so he didn't live in either of the two houses bordering the property. Glad I didn't knock on a door. The first thing Jim said was, "I was hoping you weren't going to do that." Meaning pull into the grass and get stuck. LOL Thankfully, four-wheel drive and Brock was able to gently back us out of the mud and all the way out to the street and then we backed into our spot. There were two other campers parked here. This place has full hookups and is part of the Passport America program and came to about $17 a night.

It's funny to see the Yukon's tires this morning in the light. They are very thick with mud as if we'd been mudbogging.

We are expecting some interesting weather Thursday (thunderstorms) so we will see about that.

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