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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rain and Shine

I stayed up way too late last night. I kept waiting for our neighbors to turn off their blaring TV, they were in a tent trailer so it sounded like their TV was right outside my bedroom window (cuz it was). When I realized around midnight that they intended to use their TV as white noise for the night, I was finally able to fall asleep. I was awakened about 3 am when the rain started. By 4 am, it was raining pretty hard and so I got up and checked the roof vents to make sure they were all closed. I went back to sleep, but by a little before 7 am everyone else in the trailer was awake because it was raining HARD. Sheets of rain poured down our windows. We heard a couple booms of thunder, but nothing major.

I had to go outside and get Heidi's food from the storage bay and then take her for a walk while it was pouring rain, but I did have my raincoat and our new umbrella (Thanks, Grams and Gramps!) so I stayed fairly dry. Heidi didn't and she kept shaking every few seconds along the walk. She doesn't like to get water in her ears so she was ready to come back to the trailer pretty quickly after taking care of business.

Pretty much by noon, the sky was completely blue and the wind died out and it was a gorgeous afternoon. We had to make up some of our school that we'd skipped to play on the beach yesterday so we didn't finish up until later in the day, but when we did, we decided to head down the trail to the bay side of the peninsula since we hadn't really seen it yet from the campground area. There weren't any signs saying no dogs so we walked Heidi there, but I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to since it is still a beach. She had a great time walking and playing with the kids on the dunes. She had a big smile the whole time.

The sunset was beautiful as some more clouds are moving in for the next bit of rain we might get. The kids had a blast running down and jumping off the dunes. Brynna was a little subdued because she had an injury to her big toe from our beach excursion yesterday. She was running with Skylar and we think she stepped on a sharp shell and got a cut on the bottom of her toe. It is healing up but is still a little sore.


Not sure, but I think I found that this is a Navy catamaran high speed transport. It looks very cool!
We've seen it parked across the bay from our campground twice now.

The sky was clear pretty much all afternoon, after the rains stopped. It is nice that there were some clouds to enhance the sunset. Even though they look a little dark, there hasn't been anymore rain tonight.

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