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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Naval Aviation Museum

We hustled through our morning routines and to get as much of our schooling done as we could while Brock took care of the work that needed to get done this morning and just before noon we headed out for a family excursion to the National Museum of Naval Aviation. It is a very cool museum with tons of planes on display and it was right on Pensacola's Naval Air Base.

We had decided to eat lunch there since our cupboards were bare (wink) and it would save time so we requested a table at the Cubi Bar Cafe. Its interior layout and decor duplicates a famous Officers' Club that was located in the Philippines. There were plaques all over the place that commemorated different squadrons. The food was decent and not too expensive. The menu was mostly soups and sandwiches. The most memorable part was an after meal "mint" that wasn't mint at all, but key lime pie flavor hard candy. It was very yummy.

There was so much to see at the museum that even though we were there for over four hours. I felt like I was  walking around in a daze most of the time. Plus supervising Spence and Sky's explorations is somewhat distracting to my own learning at times. Here are some of the highlights.

Kids with a P-40B Tomahawk, WWII plane
A boat plane whose insides looked kind of like a sub
Spencer loved this exhibit called "Sunken Treasures". The lighting gave the appearance
of being underwater. There were a couple of planes on display that had been recovered from
Lake Michigan and they were showing a video where pilots first practiced
landing their planes on the new technology of an aircraft carrier.

Such a ham...
We are here on the off season so we didn't get to see the Blue Angels practice.
We read that they are available to watch almost every Tuesday and Thursday morning
between April and November.
Feeling patriotic...
"Marine One" used during the presidencies of Nixon and Ford.
Sky loved this big anchor from the USS Antietam

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