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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hooray for Sunshine Therapy

School this morning. Around 10 am, we had to pack up the trailer and hook up to drive around to the dump station. Our gray water holding tank can really only last for about 4 days max. We should be good now for the remainder of our stay here at Fort Pickens.

The cloudy skies cleared up this afternoon and the kids and I dropped our books and hit the beach to soak up a little of the glorious sunshine. It is a very good cure for the blues. The sounds of waves breaking isn't bad either.

Highlights of today:
Spence was way ahead as we were walking down to the beach. He came running back towards the rest of us yelling and waving his arms. He saw an ARMADILLO just off the boardwalk in the bushes. He was so excited!! We all hurried to catch a glimpse which is about all we got because the little guy slowly went deep into the bushes and was so well camoflauged that I couldn't even snap a picture. The funny thing was that Brighton also saw an armadillo last night when he was taking Heidi for her last walk of the evening. He came back all breathless and told us about it. It didn't seem afraid of him at all he said and it didn't even try to scurry away from Heidi but just mosied along.

We spotted this tiny ghost crab on the beach today.

Spence was the only one brave enough to pick it up. He looks proud don't you
think. The good thing was that no ghost crabs were harmed in the making of
this picture. ;o)

Brighton, feeling inspired, spent some time writing on the beach.
Energy personified.

Sky giving Brynna a "massage".

Humoring me by posing on the boardwalk.

I had no idea mushrooms could grow in sand. Sky named them "sandshrooms".

All week, we keep seeing these great blue herons who have taken over osprey nests.

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