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Monday, June 10, 2013

Laundry at the Base of the Smoky Mountains

Today was a fairly typical Monday. The weather turned out really beautiful, surprisingly. The rain stopped by the afternoon and the skies cleared. The mountains came out.

Brock had a very long, busy work day. The kids and I got our school work done and then we "explored" the little town of Townsend which is about 5 miles away. By that, I mean we checked out the laundromat and a little IGA grocery. The laundromat was not the cheapest one that we've used, but it had good quality, fairly young machines. It was clean and the people there were kind and helpful.

At the laundry, Brighton was in pursuit of free wifi and he couldn't pick it up from inside the building. As he walked around outside raising his iPod, he was surprised to see a bird puffing up her feathers and squawking noisily at him. He looked more carefully and saw that she was a Momma bird protecting her nest with several speckled eggs in it. Not sure what kind of birds they are, but they are pretty. Her nest had hardly any building material. It was just sitting there in the rocks a few feet away from the exterior wall of the facility. We took a peek, but then we left her alone as she was very obviously agitated.

The IGA was not too bad. We found most of what we were looking for and when we checked out, I was pleasantly surprised by our total. Not as bad as I was expecting.

We drove back over the curvy narrow road to return to the trailer. I got the groceries put away and the kids put their clean clothes away and then we checked the clock and because we are all messed up by the hour we lost yesterday (who knew you crossed a time zone right in the middle of the state?), it was almost the little boys' bedtime and I hadn't even made dinner yet.
I'm sure we'll get adjusted soon.

It was a gorgeous evening, very mild outside. I enjoyed a few minutes alone, sitting outside, watching the lightning bugs after all the kids were in bed. It was peaceful and quiet.

As I compose this, the rain and wind moved in. We had to bring in the awning just to be on the safe side in case it got gusty, and while it poured hard and loud for a little while, it seems quiet now.

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