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We packed up the kids, dog and the trailer and headed out for adventure, learning and helping others. During our adventure we will try to update this site as often as possible to keep everyone interested involved in our travels and to keep a journal for ourselves. The plan is to be working, schooling, helping and sharing on the road for a year.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quiet Day

Today was our rest up day. We got to just relax around the trailer in the morning. I made a real breakfast (not cereal) and we ate that and then Brock and I worked on some planning for New York and beyond for the next week or two.

Around noon, we started cycling through the shower and getting the kids' cleaning chores done. We ate some sandwiches. Then, we all drove to Costco and filled up the Yukon's gas tank and picked up a few groceries.

We kind of had to hurry back because Brock had a phone call appointment that he needed to do and he needed to do the payroll transfers for work. It was very close to the appointment time when we got to the trailer so the kids stayed in the car (it was raining) to ensure quiet for Brock's call and I put the groceries away as quietly as I could and gathered up our laundry to take to the park's facilities.

The kids and I drove there just so we wouldn't have to cart the laundry baskets. The laundry room is pretty big and the machines were average-priced. The kids lounged in the "rec room" and used their devices and/or watched some cartoons that someone turned on the tv. Spencer was begging to try the Ms. Pacman old-school table-type game, but I made him wait until I finished the laundry to be sure that I would have enough quarters to finish what I'd started. Turned out I did and so at the end of laundry time, he and Skylar were rewarded with one Ms. Pacman round. That was about the quickest 50 cents they ever spent. I think Spencer said, "Pacman is harder than I thought." Hee hee hee. This from the kid who gets so frustrated at me that I can't keep up in Super Mario?

We came back to the trailer and I made dinner. It was a bit of a strange combination meal, but one where each individual component sounded good to me. Brock wasn't too sure, but he was a good sport and went along. We had pot roast (from Costco) and egg rolls and asparagus prepared the way Gwen made it when we visited her and Tim in Missouri (baked in olive oil drizzle and then splashed with balsamic vinegar before eating). Yummy.

After dinner, it was pretty much bedtime for Spence and Sky. For the last couple of hours, I worked on gathering information for the places we want to be sure and see over the next few days and tried to lay out a bit of a game plan so we can make the most of our time.

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