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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Going with the flow

We woke up to another sunny day in Florida. Heidi and I went for a run while Stace and the kids had pancakes for breakfast which I enjoyed on my return. It turns out today there was a big regatta event at the park so hundreds of cars started rolling in and parking pretty much anywhere there was empty grass to hold them.

We finished the long part of our stay at this park which means now we need to move between three different sites in the next 5 days. We got the trailer all ready to move for the first time in a week and a half. It felt actually kind of good to be moving, although the total length of our move was from site 7 to site 1. In fact, the distance was short enough it was easiest to back down the park road instead of go around the loop.  The new site is closer to the big field where we take Heidi for walks so it will be actually nice until we move to site 5 on Tuesday.

When moving, I happened to see a wheel weight that they use to balance tires lying on the ground. It was brand new and matched the ones on our tires. Since I had just had them balanced at Discount Tire and we had time today to do what we wanted we added them as a stop on our list.

First stop was a car wash as the poor Yukon was looking a little sad. We vacuumed the insides and got a nice wash on the outside. One item off the checklist.

Next stop was to Discount Tire. They were very nice about the weight coming off and got us in quickly to have the tires rebalanced. While we were waiting the guy working on the Yukon asked me to come look at something. He then grabbed the front passenger wheel and pushed and pulled on it and it moved quite a bit. He said "This is not good". I always love direct and blunt statements! Basically our hub is bad and could result in the wheel falling off. He gave me the card of a shop that they trust to do the work. The only thing was it does not open until Monday. I asked if we could drive it to Disney and back and he said he really did not recommend it as it could be dangerous. Obviously God used the weight falling off to get us into the shop to keep us from a bad situation of towing the trailer and having a bad hub.

We had already decided to grab lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant so we went there to find they were closed until 4PM. I guess I needed a lesson in patience and trusting God today!

Of course this left us in a quandary - should we just wait until Monday sitting at the park and skip Disney? We decided to call around and see if anyone had a van at a reasonable rate within a few miles of where we were at. Problem is, Thanksgiving is next week and alot of people apparently come to Florida for vacation this week. No one had any. Bigger issue was any place nearby closed at noon or 2PM. Finally we called a nearby rental place at a Holiday Inn and the guy said they had a full size van not doing them any good today so he would discount it to $60 a day. "Wait" he said "let me see how else I can finagle this". He got it down to $44 a day. Still not the cheapest but for a shop two miles from where we were we decided it was worth it and half an hour later were driving back to the campground in the rental van to park the Yukon.

I had a support call to take and then we went back in the van to the Chinese restaurant. The food was really good and the managers very nice. They even brought the kids complimentary kiddie cocktails! We did not finish in time to get to the first church we were going to attend tonight so we made it to the second and had a great sermon on dealing with the difficult people in our lives. Sometimes the most difficult person is ourselves - gotta keep this at the front of my mind for myself and the example I set for our kids.

At the end of the day, what could have been a pretty bad situation seems OK and we have a plan. It is hard for me not knowing what next week holds in terms of car and trailer repairs but I know God will take care of us and has a plan so there is no good that will come of me trying to worry. Off to Disney Animal Kingdom tomorrow to spend some more quality family time together!

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