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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oldest City in the US

First, I forgot to post a couple of GREAT pics that Brighton took yesterday of the most crazy caterpillar that he noticed crawling along the ground outside our trailer...Isn't it cool!?

Today was a fairly regular day. Brock was slammed with work on his to do list and let us know early that we wouldn't be able to go into St. Augustine with us. By the time we finished up all our schoolwork, it was close to four o'clock. Some of my motivation gone, I debated whether to go into town or not. The campground's manager had informed us of a parking lot to park in that would cost us $10. It didn't seem worth it to me to pay that for only an hour or so. In the end, I decided to ask the kids if they were even interested and Brighton and Brynna both said yes they were. Spencer and Skylar were into their Legos at the moment and both said no, without hesitation, they were not. Brock said he was, but there was no way. So, Brighton, Bryn and I headed down to Castillo de San Marcos. This fort's construction started in 1672. We ended up pulling right into the fort's parking lot. There was pay stations everywhere that said 4 hour maximum and it turned out that an hour was only $1.50. Woohoo! Turns out I forgot the National Park Pass, so the kids and I just took a couple pics of the outside of the fort and didn't pay to go inside. We wanted to just do a little walking tour of our own of the area and so we did. I wouldn't call it especially educational, but it was entertaining to see all the old buildings and just relax. We had a great time together and, thanks to my phone's gps, made it back to the campground, even filling the Yukon's gas tank on the way home. I was keeping my eyes open for a store where I could pick up a gallon of milk on our route and found that there was a Dollar General right on the driveway for our campground. I hadn't ever been in one and didn't know if they carried milk or not, so we checked it out. They did. Another wahoo!

Stacey, Brighton & Brynna at Castillo de San Marcos

Cool Architecture now a fancy hotel and high end shopping

Bryn keeps saying she can't believe we're in Florida.
We are loving the palm trees

Oldest Wooden School House in America

Tolomato Cemetery

Grace United Methodist Church (1800's) - organ was playing
as we walked by
Not sure what this building was on the college campus, but
cool smokestack with sun behind it.
Does it look spooky at all?
Brighton was impressed with this fence made with these
heavy weapon head things

Government Hall

This is a Wells Fargo!

The kids are getting so old.

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  1. I used to say the same thing as Bryn. I loved the time I got to spend with Del down in the keys, it feels like a completely different way of life. Not as much hustle and bustle. Love and miss you guys, but glad it seems to be going so well.