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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Magic Kingdom!!

We got up early this morning because the park was open 8 am to 1 am!! We decided to try to leave the trailer by 7 since it takes about a half hour to drive from the campground to Magic Kingdom. We ended up leaving by about 7:15, not bad! The weather ended up being perfect for today. It was overcast, but plenty warm with several sunny breaks and the forecasted possible thundershowers never appeared. Woohoo!

Today, we will have the kids' journal entries describe the day (there will be a lot of repetition, but hopefully you can hear their "voices" in the writing) and, of course, a lot of pictures.

The Day Begins...

Spencer's Journal Entry
Guess who's been naughty?
We went to Disneyworld! Our first ride was Space Mountain. Bri said it would feel like you go off the rails, but really that was in Disneyland; here, it jerked and went down big hills. Also, we went on a Haunted House. It was scary and funny. There were these ghosts that you looked in a mirror and you saw yourself, but there's a ghost in your cart with you. One grabbed Skylar's head and pulled it off, then blew it up like a balloon. We also went on Splash Mountain and once you go down the drop, it feels like your guts are coming out of your mouth. We also went on the Hall of Presidents that looked VERY real. We got ice cream sundaes (mine was vanilla with strawberries) and It's a Small World, of course, and then the tea cups and something called the Barnstormer that went sideways. Brynna screamed her head off, but I just said, "Weeee!" calmly and then I went on it again, just Brighton and me. Also, we went on Aladdin and also there was a 4D movie. Also, we went on the Jungle Cruise. Also, we went on something called the Laugh Floor which was by Monsters Inc. Here is a joke they told: How do you make a tissue dance? (Answer: You put a little boogie in it.) Hee hee hee.

Brighton's Journal Entry
Disney World! Today, we finally went! My favorite part was Big Thunder Railroad. I loved it so much because it was the only ride my Dad and I could go on together alone. It was fast, curvy, and super loud! Overall, it was a very fun ride made more fun by the presence of my Dad with me. My other favorite ride was Space Mountain. It was the first ride we went on when we got to the park. It was absolutely nothing like the one in California. It was fast (normal), curvy, jerky, and dark (also normal). At the time, it was scary, but looking back, it was fun. Mom and Dad bought our pictures for the first time because Skylar was going for the first time and looked scared. Well, that's all for my favorites. Thanks for reading. - Brighton

(Watch pink-cheeked Brighton have his first dance. :o)

Brynna's Journal Entry
Doesn't the background look like a
 backdrop? It's totally real.
Today, we went to Disney World! It was SO fun! First, we parked and then took the Monorail to the entrance. The first ride we went to was Space Mountain; it was not my favorite. Then, we went to Stitch's Great Escape and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor. After we went to almost all the rides in Tomorrowland, we went to Adventureland and did The Pirates of the Caribbean. Then, we had a snack and then went on the Jungle Safari Cruise; it was really cool! Then we went to the Tiki Room and then the Hall of Presidents; the animatronics looked really realistic! After the Hall of Presidents, we went to the Haunted Mansion; it was scary, but kind of funny. After that, we had ice cream and then we toured what they had so far of the new Fantasyland which was a Little Mermaid ride and another attraction where the staff picked people to do a short play for Belle and Skylar and Brighton got to be in it! Brighton was the Beast (he had to ROAR!) and Skylar was Belle's Dad. Brighton danced with Belle (mom inserts that his face was very red. hee hee). After that, we went and did Splash Mountain; it was a long drop to the bottom of the hill, but all of us were able to do it, even me. After Splash Mountain, Brighton and Dad went on a ride while Mom, Spence, Sky and I looked in a store. When Dad and Brighton were done, Dad left to walk and feed Heidi back at the trailer. (Mom inserts, Heidi was a very patient doggy today...home alone a very long time.) We went and did the Aladdin ride and then went back to Fantasyland and did It's A Small World, the Tea Cups, and then we went and found Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Minnie and got their autographs and then watched the fireworks. After the fireworks, we went and watched a 4D movie and then picked up our Space Mountain pics at the Chamber of Commerce and headed to the parking lot where Dad was waiting to pick us up. By that time, we were REALLY tired and I almost fell asleep on the way home. What a long, but FUN day!

Skylar's Journal Entry
We got to go to Magic Kingdom! My favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. The one that made me sick was first, Space Mountain. We had snacks and went on a Jungle Safari boat. When we got off, we went to go eat ice cream; mine was chocolate with strawberries and whipped cream. It was so big I couldn't finish it! Another ride that almost made me sick was called a kiddie coaster, the Barnstormer. It had five times where we were sideways on the rails. It was scary. When we were walking by a big paddlewheeler, it blew its horn really loud and I jumped. I hope you had a lot of fun reading my blog. Hope your mouth didn't water too much reading about my ice cream. Thank you very much.

(Watch Sky's video as Belle thanks him for his part in her party, pay attention to his strut at the end. He carried himself that way the whole time and introduced himself as Ben so that the male castmember introduced him to Belle as "Master Ben". :O)

Crazy little Stitch - we found him trying to fit himself
into a trash can

Waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean

Can you spot the wildlife? 

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki,
 Tiki Room...

These ducks found something delicious on the bottom of this stream.
They just cracked me up staying bottoms up.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Good Old Jungle Cruise
Elephant Bathing Pool
Storybook Treats for all (Thanks, Grams!)
Coke Float
Vanilla Cone
Cookie Sundae
Chocolate with Strawberries
Skylar, as Papa Maurice, shivering in Beast's dungeon

Belle is so surprised by our party for her
Who else was naughty?
And who else?

Meeting Goofy

Meeting Donald

Meeting Daisy

Meeting Minnie

The fireworks show begins!

Spencer Oohing and Aaahing the fireworks

Cinderella's Castle is beautiful, all lit up with
 Christmas lights. What a fabulous day!

Totally cheated and took a pic of the screen
when our picture popped up-zoom in if you can,
 the expressions are hilarious!
One VERY tired little man, two minutes into the car
from our Disney park day. When we got back
to the trailer, I pulled his shorts off,
 set him on the potty to pee
and put him into his bunk.
 In the morning, he said,
 "Did I sleep in this? Just my underwear?!"

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  1. What a fun time! I enjoyed reading everyone's blog and must admit I got teary-eyed when I read Brighton's comment about the ride that his dad rode with him being more fun because it was just him and his dad.
    You will all be together for Thanksgiving no matter how you celebrate it and that's what is important!
    Safe travels!