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Friday, November 9, 2012

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Everywhere

Written by Brynna

Today started pretty normal. We woke up and ate breakfast, then started school. After we were almost done with school, we went to watch some of a dog show, it was really cool! (We tried to watch two times earlier in the day as there were lots of people gathered, but nothing was happening in the arena area.)

After the dog show, we played with PlayDoh and then we finished school.

Spencer's Creations-Castle & King, Monster & Elf Archer

Brynna and her "Flushed Away" slug

Bryn said, "You're never too old for PlayDoh."
Bri sculpted Brynna. :o)

Blurry closeup of the Slug
After a dinner of PF Changs Chinese food from the grocery freezer section, we watched one of our movies, Toy Story 3, for family movie night. Dad had dinner with his HTG team and is expected home late.

Today, Spencer had some fancy moves on his scooter,
building up speed and going over a "jump" aka root under the concrete.

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