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Monday, January 28, 2013

Castles in the Sand

Today was a rough Monday with getting going on our school work. All the kids were easily aggravated with each other and the bickering really got to me. About mid-morning we finally got into a groove and finished up all our work about normal time, around 3:30.

Brock got up early and cleared the board and took the Yukon in for a check up at a local repair shop. He has been feeling a hesitation in the engine at random times and wanted to have it looked at. Their code reader didn't pick up any error codes so that is good. They couldn't find anything wrong, but given the symptoms suggested a cleaning of the throttle body unit which they did. It's good to have confirmation that our vehicle is healthy. It has been performing very well on our adventure.

When Brock got back to the trailer, he needed quiet for some calls, so Bri, Bryn and I did our history reading together outside at our picnic table which is literally about 5 feet from the waters of Grand Lagoon here at St. Andrews State Park. So beautiful! Skylar has been fascinated by the little hermit-type crabs that are everywhere along our stretch of beach so he was playing quietly "catching" those and Spencer did his independent work in the bunk room of the trailer. When school was done, all the kids were into crab catching and when I went out to check on them, they had about 6 or 7 crabs apiece corraled in these little circular cages they'd made with palm fronds. They had to set the shell down in the center of the corral and then leave it and quietly watch it until the crab came out to explore. They had given the crabs names like Gargantua, Giganta, Intestines (his shell had something that looked like hard guts all piled up) and Killer Croc.

I interrupted the crab play to tell the kids to pack up so we could go down to the beach area. Once there, I just tried to relax. I picked up a few cool shells. I walked along the surf and got my toes wet. I watched a couple of stand up paddle boarders ride the surf in the sunset. I took pictures of the sunset. Honestly, this place is so beautiful, I feel like I'm in another country.

Brynna built a huge sand castle.

The boys rolled down and slid down the sand dune edge and threw sand at each other and generally tried to get sand into every orifice again. (I do NOT understand why they think this is fun, but I guess that doesn't matter.)

Once the sun was completely down and the castle was finished, we hurried back to the trailer to get some dinner going. When we got back, Brock was still going at it. On a call with Weston's newest employee, Jim, who started today. Brock is excited to have Jim be a part of the team and thinks he's going to do well. Jim will be taking over the morning server checks that Brock does, so that will be a big relief for Brock.

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