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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Library Day

Today we found that our newly repaired shower still leaks. Booo. We think we may just not have had the trailer positioned exactly right. It seems to need to be a little nose down and a little to the back wall of the shower so that water doesn't run down over the side. It seemed worse since the service guys at Camping World caulked all around where the walls meet the tub. We don't think that is the right way to handle it. The walls are so flexible and so already the wall that has the faucet on it has broken free of the caulk, so the water has a perfect channel behind the caulk to run out onto the floor. We will be attempting to remove the caulk since what we hypothesize was leaking before was the faucet because it had gotten loose from jiggling over all our miles. That part seems to be fixed so we should be good as long as we are leveled properly, just how "it" likes.

Our space has felt especially small the last few days, so the kids and I drove in to Panama City about 20 miles away, to spend some time at the library there.

The kids played on the "playground" here at Rustic Sands while I double-checked that I had everything we needed for the school day.

It was a great library. Really huge with a big kids' section. We set up on a couple of study tables and everyone finished up all their school. I got the chance to work with Spencer, listen to Skylar read, and then do history stuff with Brighton and Brynna. The kids all really enjoyed browsing all the different books available. It was a well-stocked library. We realized we had forgotten one of our history books back at the trailer and lo and behold, they had a copy at the library so we didn't fall behind on today's assignments. It was great.

We left the library fairly soon after school got out. It seems that there is a middle and/or high school right in the vicinity and a TON of kids come to that library to work on their homework. That is a great resource for them, but it got a little loud for us and we were pretty hungry since we hadn't brought anything for lunch.

We headed in the direction of the campground and hit a Walmart on our way out of Panama City to get the items on our shopping list. I let each kid choose one snack food and one Propel to drink to tide them over until dinner when we got back to the trailer. We put some gas in the Yukon, didn't fill though because the pump shut off at $75, and headed back to the Mexico Beach area.

Back at the trailer, I figured I couldn't make the roast I'd planned for dinner because it was already dinner time so we had some pizza and some of the veggie tray type veggies we'd just picked up at Walmart.

The other big news for today: We did hear from our renter in Bend today that she won't be moving after all, so that is a relief for now.

I got to talk to my mom on the phone tonight. Happy Birthday, Mom! I really miss you.

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