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Friday, January 18, 2013

Trailer is Back in Business

We had a great night in the Camping World of Oakwood, Georgia parking lot. They totally took care of us filling up our fresh water tank and providing an electrical hook up for us. We have been impressed with a little electric space heater we picked up to save us a little money on propane. It was very close to freezing outside this morning when we woke up, but we couldn't tell. We were snug as six little bugs in a tin can or something like that.

We were up and out of the trailer by about 9 am so that we could turn our trailer back over to the service department so they could seal up our leaky windows. We gathered up our laundry and headed to the nicest laundromat that we've used so far on this trip. It was called Wash Yer Duds. :O) It was clean and not too expensive. There was a ton of machines. Most importantly, there was space for us to spread out and do our school and work.

About the time that laundry was done, we were hungry and Brock found a little Asia Cafe that had lunch plates for under $6. The food was decent and we all left with full bellies. We intended to head to the library AGAIN, but we got the call that the trailer was ready to be picked up. Wooohoo! Brock had a call to make that would take about an hour before we could go get the trailer so we headed to Walmart and he stayed in the car to make it and Spence and Sky begged to stay with him promising to stay quiet and draw pictures while Brighton and Brynna and I went in to do some meal planning and grocery shopping.

With that done, we went to Camping World and picked up the trailer. We had found a campground that was about 45 minutes away in Cumming, GA called Twin Lakes Campground. Their rates were a little more than we like to spend, especially since the site we got only had water and electric. The good thing was that we were right on the lake. We were only there for one night, so the lack of sewer hook up wasn't really a big deal.

Once set up in our site, we set to work finishing up our school work and work work. It makes for a long day doing every thing sporadically like today.

At about 6:30, Brock had to leave to go meet a prospective job candidate for dinner. The kids and I had leftovers and they played video games until bedtime. Spencer was dying to get some time with his new Lego Batman 2 Wii game.

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