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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh Yeah! This is Why We Came on this Trip

Today's forecast called for a warmer afternoon so we decided we definitely wanted to spend some time on the beach this afternoon. We agreed to try wrap up stuff as best we could to take a break around 1 pm and head to a beach we'd heard was dog friendly at the edge of Mexico Beach city limits.

Spence was able to get completely done with his school work and Brighton and Brynna were mostly done when Brock was able to break from work for a time. We headed down one gravel road that was right on the edge of Fort Tyndall Air Base. We gathered all our stuff together...beach blanket, toys, dog leash, dog. We hopped out of the car. We saw the long boardwalk leading through the tufts of beach grass to the dunes. We saw the sign that said "Enter at your own risk" with little pictures of alligators and sharks and something about algae and also "No dogs". What!? We all hopped back in the car and Brock googled dog-friendly beaches in Mexico Beach and found that we were just a little ways off from where we were supposed to be so we headed back towards town and found the little beach access where dogs are allowed. Florida sure doesn't like dogs on their beaches. (After spending time on the beach today, we could see why. There sure are a lot of people who don't clean up after their dogs.)

Anyways, we walked down to a little spot and the kids immediately set up their sand play area.

Brock and Heidi took off for a little run.

I did some beachcombing for shells.

Random little patch of shells

I did some soaking up the sun. It wasn't especially warm, but it was very comfortable in shorts and my sweatshirt.

Heidi loved her run. Just flopped in the sand and got a mouthful.
We enjoyed watching and hearing the fighter jets coming in to the base's airfield nearby. At least one did several touch and gos.

The kids even filmed a short with Brighton as Director.

It was SO enjoyable to sit with my honey on the beach and just enjoy the sunshine. The kids pretty much all played together for the couple of hours that we were there with no bickering. The routine and the bickering lately had robbed us of our joy and made us forget temporarily why we made the effort to make this trip. We will try to remind each other more often. :o)

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