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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leaks found!

So the words Sunny and Georgia do not appear to go well together, at least for us in January. With our deluxe accommodations last night in the Sam's Club parking lot along with the rain and having to stay up til about midnight for a work project, we did not get the best of sleep and are really running on empty today.

We had about 6 or 7 semi trucks join our parking campground last night. At least two of them left their motors running all night which I think actually helped me to get better sleep having the white noise vs. the intermittent rain and traffic noise. Only catch was waking up early so we could leave the parking lot fairly early in respect for the store manager allowing us to stay there.

The other catch was we were not planning on dry camping so our water levels were just enough to allow for potty breaks while traveling not for over-nighting. We managed to conserve water well but missed out on hot showers.

Once we got ready I did a little research and found another Walmart 4 or so miles away so we decided we could head there for a bit of parking. On the way we found a McDonalds with some easy parking nearby so we decided to invade there and get some hot chocolate and coffee. With shots of caffeine we were able to get some school and work done. We did this until about 1:30PM when we received a call from the RV shop that the seal testing tool had arrived and they could work on the trailer today.

We ran the trailer down and unhooked it at the shop and then went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. After ordering I got a call from the shop that they had no keys. Ooops. I think the lack of sleep is my excuse. Brighton and I ran the keys down there and were back before our meals arrived.

After lunch we headed to the library where yesterday I was kicked out for talking on the phone and the rest of the family went in while I worked in the car with my assistant Heidi the dog. We got a call about 4:20PM that they had found the leak and that TWO of our windows had been improperly installed at the factory. They would be covered under warranty except Jayco would not cover the testing to find the leaks. I will be calling them on that part!

I told the shop we would come down and get some things and try to find a hotel for the night. They said we could stay in their parking lot and they would fill up our water tank and provide us electricity for free. Awesome!  When we got there they had the trailer setup and we were able to plug in and get the heater running, get the WIFI working and most importantly Spencer could try out his new Batman2 lego game.

Tomorrow they will replace the seals on the windows and hopefully we will be on our way towards Woodstock, GA to meet a possible new team member for our business. They are predicting temps in the upper 20s here tonight so it could be an interesting morning! Feeling blessed to have electricity to keep our heater running and water to keep us clean! This Camping World RV shop has been really great to work with and very accommodating.

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