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We packed up the kids, dog and the trailer and headed out for adventure, learning and helping others. During our adventure we will try to update this site as often as possible to keep everyone interested involved in our travels and to keep a journal for ourselves. The plan is to be working, schooling, helping and sharing on the road for a year.
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Somewhat Dreary Day

We all slept in a little after our late night last night. We had some hot cereal for breakfast and then I got showered so that I could run down to the registration/store to pay for the rest of our stay and get a car pass. I also bought some quarters for doing laundry. Brock plugged away on his work and the kids got their school work going. The location for our campsite is pretty, nestled in the trees and near a lake and we have a view of Stone Mountain, not the sculpture side, but the back. We are down in a little valley, which is picturesque, but not great for phone signal. The campground wifi is ok. It shows up as strong and seems to be useable and will then just stop. It is quite gray, cloudy and drizzly too, so that probably doesn't help with signals.

Brock even had to opt out of one of his meetings this morning since his internet kept dropping. This prompted a call to the 3G Store, an online retailer, that Brock had read about that sells solutions like what we need. He talked to the salesman for a little while and we ended up ordering two devices that should help. One is a Pep Wave that captures the campground's wifi signal and amplifies and rebroadcasts it. The other is an antennae to help our Verizon Mifi to receive a stronger signal. We paid for Next Day Shipping and were told that it would be delivered at 10 am tomorrow!

The kids and I hung around the trailer pretty much all day. We took over the available laundry facilities, getting five loads done today. The machines are old, but seem clean. The price is kind of on the expensive side, but it's pretty convenient to not have to drive anywhere.

About 2 o'clock, Brock headed in to the tire store to have our tires rotated on the Yukon. The guy told Brock that probably after the next 5,000 to 10,000 miles, we will need to replace our tires! Feels like we just bought new tires, but actually we've put a few miles on them since we got them. ;o) Good to know now and plan for it.

Brock had to drive up on the hill where he could get a little stronger Verizon signal to be able to participate in his work meeting this afternoon. When he got back, we decided to head to a store to get a few groceries and the kids wanted to look around. We located a Target and drove in pouring rain to get there. Two hours later, we were leaving Target with just a few bags of groceries and some grumpy people who hadn't eaten dinner yet and it was their bedtime, past it if you consider how late they were up last night.

We ate a quick dinner, followed by a little ice cream (crowd pleaser) and everyone headed to bed.

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