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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learn Something New

Today started out with me realizing how much I appreciate my husband and how he takes care of us. I woke up to a trailer that was 44 degrees inside! I did NOT want to crawl out from under my covers. It was time to wake up, however, so I got up and tested the propane flow by trying to light a burner on the stove. That proved to be the problem so I went out and switched over to the second tank. The furnace still didn't kick on even though I kept bumping up the thermostat little by little. I finally tried just turning the switch off and then back on and the furnace hummed to life. That got us warmed up pretty quickly, but it was humorous to see how quickly the kids were capable of getting dressed in multiple layers.

Hot cocoa went well with our banana muffins for breakfast.

We worked on our school work in the morning. Then Skylar and I headed over to get the laundry going while Bryn and Spence continued working independently. Sky and I played a game of pool in the rec room just off the laundry room. We were both playing quite pitifully, but he won while I was putting loads into the dryers! Next, Sky found a deck of cards, so we played a game of Go Fish which he won as well. Brynna text'd me that Spence wondered if he could come over and play pool with us and since we were still waiting for the dryers I said, "sure." He and Sky started a game of pool while I was shifting loads around, but unfortunately the good sportsmanship didn't hold out long and someone was crying, so I told Spence to finish the game himself and let Skylar play Angry Birds on my phone and everyone was happy. ;o)

Once the clean laundry was all loaded up into the Yukon, I drove across the parking lot to the propane fill station and got our tank filled. In making conversation with the guy, I learned that we don't need to ever run out in the middle of the night again. He said our regulator would automatically switch over to the second tank if both tanks were open. It just means you have to watch the "indicator" on the regulator so that you don't accidentally empty both tanks. I told him I didn't think we had an indicator. He showed me a regulator that he had in his shop and where the green/red would be. When I got back to the trailer and got the tank put back into place, I saw our indicator, just as he said. I didn't know that we had anything automatic about switching between the tanks. That was good to know. I do wish there was some kind of indicator for LP level inside, but at least now I know how to check if it is getting low.

Late this afternoon, Brynna and I got so into our To Kill A Mockingbird that we just kept on reading and finished the book. Loved it.

Tomorrow, if we can get our schoolwork done by early afternoon, we plan to head to the childrens' museum.

The news tonight says that tomorrow's morning temps will be warmer than today's were, phew, but the winds are supposed to really pick up in the afternoon and we might have some thunderstorms. Should be interesting.

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