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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

White Sands Community

I really like this park. It is well kept and clean. This morning, I got us all registered and paid up and was happy to see the clean, state of the art laundry facilities on-site. I made a haircut appointment at one of the two salons that are also on-site. We have 4-5 bars of 4G Verizon coverage! Woohoo! The free park wifi with our booster antennae is actually very good too, even though they told us we wouldn't be able to get it except in the office building. There is a playground which we haven't checked out yet and there is a beautiful sparkling clean pool, but it turns out that it hasn't opened for the season yet. There is a little dog run area (really little actually), but it's nice to be able to let Heidi off leash to go to the bathroom and there doesn't appear to be any of the terrible goathead burrs that we struggled with at the last couple of places.

We did SEVEN loads of laundry in the huge laundry room, all at once and still didn't hog all the machines. I loved that they had a debit machine for running the loads as well rather than having to get quarters. It's so much easier. I really felt like the clothes got clean and every load dried with one cycle on the dryers. So nice! It wasn't the cheapest laundry I've ever done, but sometimes you get what you pay for and it definitely wasn't the most expensive either. (Came to about 3 bucks a load)

Brock had his meeting this afternoon so we needed to clear out. I thought we were going to go swimming, but that was kibashed by the closed pool. We needed groceries so I took Bryn, Spence and Sky and headed to Walmart which is literally about a block away. The park's boundary is actually at the back parking lot of Walmart's property, but it's separated by a big fence and a construction area, otherwise we could've walked. Brighton decided to stay home and experiment with some game-making software that he's excited about using.

We had a good time putzing around the store, looking at clearance stuff. We found some great deals for each of us including some new t-shirts for the boys for only $2.50 each.

I love these little muscle men!

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