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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday at the Campground

Today kind of fit our usual Monday pattern. We got our school work done. Brock went into Brandon's office to work there, but his timing was off so he ended up coming back to the trailer around lunchtime to complete his work day.

In the afternoon, I loaded our laundry, Brock loaded our empty propane canister, and the kids and I hopped into the car to drive to the front of the park where the laundry building, propane fill station and swimming pool are located. The propane was the first priority since we had to request that before 4 pm. The kids waited in the car while I went into the office and waited in line to ask for propane. The front desk called maintenance and had "Dave" meet me at the fill station. When he had finished filling our tank, he even loaded it into the back of the Yukon for me. I went back to the office to pay for the propane, I waited in line in the office again to pay. I had intended to start the laundry and then go over to the pool with the kids, but they'd waited probably 40 minutes by the time the propane ordeal was done so we just headed to swim.

It is so beautiful and warm here right now. I so enjoyed sitting on the side of the pool and dangling my feet in the water while the kids played and splashed. We sort of lost track of time until I realized it was nearly 6 pm. I still needed to make dinner and I had planned to go get groceries tonight as well so we started the laundry - 5 loads. I had to go get quarters at the office so we could dry all those clothes which meant waiting in line once again. After I got quarters, I went back to the laundry building and waited about 8 minutes before I could put the loads into the dryers as each one quit spinning. Once the dryers were all going (they have a really nice laundry facility here), I had 40 minutes until their cycles were done. I drove the Yukon back to our campspot and got dinner going. When my phone timer went off, I took Bri and Bryn with me and we drove back to the laundry to fold the loads. I think we finished folding in record time. Sorted it all and stowed it back in the baskets and loaded it back in the Yukon and drove back and taco soup and corn bread were done.

Once dinner was eaten, it was actually time for the little boys to go to bed. I realized I wouldn't have time to go get groceries tonight like I thought so I worked on the meal plan and decided to get up early and go before Brock leaves in the morning.

Even though we had some fun today, for the most part, the day felt hectic and I ended up feeling like I didn't plan very successfully.

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