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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oil Rig Museum

How come kids who normally have to be prodded out of bed during the week, tend to wake up before 7 am and get all loud and hyper on the one or two days a week when we could actually sleep in? (Rhetorical question)

We started out slightly grumpy because of the chain of events of kids playing meaning dog thinking it's time to awaken which means whining for feeding and if you do that leading to whining for immediate walking.
I think this is a great blue heron grabbing breakfast on the beach outside our window.

View from our dining table window

Some quiet time and we were able to reset and remember that it was Sunday and that we get to go to church. :O) We headed to a church Brock had found on the web which had three services, one of which was in English. We enjoyed the service. Spencer and Skylar went to their Kids' Church where they learned and sang and played Wii and climbed on a little climbing wall. Very cool.  Brighton, Brynna, Brock and I enjoyed the worship time in the main sanctuary although the bass was so loud it made my heart feel out of sync. ;o) The pastor delivered the message from God's Word and I think there was something for each of us to hear.

After church, we went back to the trailer for a quick lunch and change of clothes so we could go check out the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. They had a family rate so we paid $25 and it was like getting two of the kids free. Pretty good! The museum is an actual retired drilling rig that you can walk in and around. We learned a lot.
These white pelicans were humongous with huge orange feet.

Called a Billy Pugh - used for transporting people and gear onto the rigs
Making crayon rubbings of different microscopic sea organisms that eventually die and become petroleum.
One link in an anchor chain for Devil's Tower Spar 

Devil's Tower Spar Floating Platform

Somewhat disturbing to see your 13 year old
 daughter with  this much chest hair.

Spence waving at a passing sailboat.
We also watched two HUGE cruise ships
 heading out from the harbor area with lots
 of people on board waving and celebrating.
Anhinga drying out his feathers.

After the museum, we headed a few blocks away to La King's Confectionery for some homemade ice cream. They are the only place to get the "Purity" brand of ice cream which is made on the third floor of the building. There were many flavors to choose from. According to their website, they are a "throwback to the 1920's when people used to come out to the local confectionery to have treats and visit". It is truly an old fashioned ice cream parlor. They also have a large selection of handmade chocolates and a coffee bar.

After ice cream, we headed to find a Payless Shoes so that I could find a new pair of tennies for Sky since his are beginning to fall apart and a pair of sandals for Spencer because he wears his tennies EVERY day and I'd like for him to have a different option. I had a coupon that was good for 20% off the total purchase and it expired today. We found a store and found what the boys needed and I was starting to look with Bryn when I noticed the salesclerks keys hanging in the door. I asked if she was closing and she said they closed at 6; I looked and it was 6:10 pm. I hadn't even checked when we went into the store. She said it was fine because her computer was down and I couldn't make the purchase anyway quite yet. I almost had to leave the shoes and come back tomorrow for them, but the computer finally came back up and we made our purchase and she even gave me extra off because I had to wait. I felt like I should've paid more for making her stay open, but she was very nice and I really appreciated it.

We got back to the trailer and I did dishes and made dinner while Bri and Bryn occupied themselves quietly and Brock and Spence and Sky played a little Wii while they waited for dinner. It was a good laugh as Brock and Spencer did a little boxing with each other.

The wind and waves are really loud tonight and the trailer is rocking a little bit. I'm hoping that will feel like rocking in a cradle and we will sleep really well.

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  1. Great pictures! I'm glad you had a great time at our museum, and I hope that you visit again soon--maybe even for our monthly Family Day, where kids can do a special activity. Children 17 and under are free with an adult ticket!

    --Trinidad Claire, Manager of Museum Programs