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Friday, March 15, 2013

Remember the Alamo!

This morning we got up and got ready to drive into the city. I took Heidi to the dog park here at the campground and threw the frisbee a few times. She got to greet a little dog, but that dog was a little too intimidated to run hard and play with her and Heidi jumped up and put paw prints on the shirt of the other dog's owner. That was embarassing so we headed back to the trailer.
We had cold cereal breakfast.

We found a parking lot at a church, $10 for the whole day. Seems like a really good idea for the church given the amount of traffic and a parking lot that would just be sitting there during the week. We didn't really plan out the fact that it is Spring Break here. The Alamo was so crowded! We were able to watch a 15 minute video about the historic events. We made a quick tour of the museum there and saw a few of the items on display including Jim Bowie's knife and David Crockett's rifle. It was really wall to wall people though. We enjoyed the grounds/courtyard around the buildings. It is so strange to have such a historic location right next to high rise hotels and busy city. The actual mission had a HUGE line of people waiting to get in so we didn't choose to actually go in. We went into the Alamo gift store and most of the kids got some souvenir smashed pennies and Spencer found an Alamo pocket knife that had his name on it. I hadn't planned on him having a knife, but he was so excited to find one with his name that I decided to let him get it with his money as a special souvenir. I am keeping it for him and he only gets to use it with strict supervision. ;O)

Sweet boys

We headed down to the River Walk. It was really beautifully done with great landscaping. There's a lot of artwork and sculptures.

Baby Ducks in the river right where all the
 tour boats cruise.

Cool plants

Sky with San Antonio


Not sure where this came from other than Monterrey, Mexico
which is San Antonio's sister city, but it looked cool. I
accidentally had the camera on sepia.

Really cool plant

Beautiful water wall

Another water wall


St. Joseph Cathedral

There was no info about this, but doesn't it look like
El Dorado?

Bryn took this pic. I love the boulder splashes.
When we tired of walking, we made our way back to the car and climbed in and were pretty ready to sit down. We hadn't heard from the brake store yet, so we headed to a Costco. We hadn't been to Costco in quite awhile. There were really only a couple of things we could pick up, but it was fun to look around and felt like old times.

As we were leaving, Brock decided to call the parts store to check on his order. After some checking on their end, holding on ours, it turns out they hadn't sent the order yet!!! That really messes us up because our campground reservations end on Saturday and now we can't leave until Tuesday. The parts won't arrive until Monday afternoon. The parts store did finally apologize and credited us $15 for the shipping. We are left with a wondering feeling if anyone actually can do what they say they'll do.

Thankfully, when we arrived back at the campground, we checked in at the office and we can stay here through Tuesday morning and miraculously, we don't even need to move sites. Great news!

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