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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday in Helotes Area

Wow, did we have some crazy lightning last night! Light rain...mild wind...noisy wind chimes at the campsite next door...not much thunder, but lots of sheet lightning. These don't add up to a restful night of sleep.

Even with all of that and springing forward, the McFarlane clan still got out the door on time this morning for the 9:00 am church service at Gateway Fellowship. This young church meets at a movie theater. We met Brandon Zumwalt, CEO of Internet Contrasts and an HTG friend of Brock's, in the parking lot and went in to find a comfy seat. They had a very talented worship leader and their kids' pastor preached the sermon today. The topic was parents taking responsibility for their kid's spiritual development.

After church, we followed Brandon to a Mexican restaurant nearby and had an early lunch together. We had expected to treat him to lunch, but he was quicker on the draw and ended up treating us.

When we came out of the restaurant it was so bright and sunny. What a beautiful day after the storm last night. Not a cloud in the sky...

We followed Brandon to his house where he dropped off his car and got into our car and we came back to the trailer to let Heidi out. Afterwards, we drove out to his family's property to see their operations. They own road construction company. We saw their rock quarry and lots of machinery.

The little boys were in heaven throwing rocks down into the pit. It was cool to see all the layers of rock and the crystals mixed in. We saw the rock crusher and the different piles that the rock gets sorted into based on size.  All this is located on their ranch with cattle roaming around.

We saw a whole huge family of baby hogs. We saw the babies first and at first glance thought the parents were black calves.

Brandon showed us where he and his family will be moving their operations and their homes. His parents are building a new home on the pinnacle of the property. On the way back out, we stopped and smelled some mountain laurel blossoms. They smelled like cotton candy, so sweet.

From the 500+ acre family property, we headed out to Medina Lake where Brandon's family has a cabin that has been in their family for three generations and that was built in 1919. So much history there. The lake is extremely low right now and so wasn't the most picturesque, but it was still obvious that it was a potentially gorgeous and very relaxing location. The cabin was up on the hill and on a point so they had a great crescent-shaped view of the lake. It was very easy for us to forget that this is the end of winter season here.

Brock and Brandon talked shop in the sunshine and some more in the sitting room of the cabin. Bri, Bryn and I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and watching butterflies and relaxing in the sitting room while the shop talk was going on. Spence and Skylar had a great time playing outside with some seed/berries of the mountain laurel that Brandon had shown them. They are red, pea-sized and really hard. Evidently, if you rub them against stone, they get hot...this has all kinds of applications. ;o) They were about like little marbles too.

It was a very casual and relaxing afternoon and around 5 pm we headed back into town to drop Brandon at his home in Helotes and to drive ourselves back to the trailer. We took Heidi to the dog park to play, but she wasn't all that interested. She chased the frisbee a few times, but for the most part she just wanted to get into the side of the dog park that is only for small dogs. I guess the grass is always greener applies to dogs too.

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