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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Day on the Lake

Rimon and Lisa opened up their home again this morning to have the HTG members that were planning to come up to their cottage on the lake for the day, also come over for breakfast. The Schoolcrafts came, plus our family, Craig from Boston, Brandon from San Antonio, and Joe from Akron. It was a delicious breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Caleb helped Rimon in the kitchen and they did a great job. Once everyone had eaten and the kitchen clean up had occurred, we all piled into three vehicles and caravan'd up to the lake.

The weather wasn't as warm as we would have liked to have seen it right off, but that didn't stop us from having a good time and the kids at least were in the water almost immediately. Rimon towed two tube rafts at a time and Caleb and Brighton and Sam and Craig all headed out on the water. Today, Sky and I were on the same page and he was prepared to have as much fun as he could, while keeping his cast dry.;o) (he was suited up and prepared, I mean.)

 The bummer part of the day was that Lisa forgot her DSLR camera that she got all the great pictures with last year and when I started taking pictures with my camera, I quickly realized that I'd forgotten my camera card back at the trailer in my laptop. I was really bummed out, but there wasn't anything I could do about it so I just got as many pics as I could with my camera until the internal memory was full and then switched to my phone.

Brighton tried skiing again this trip and got up on his second attempt and was much more steady than last year and stood much straighter. He went all the way around the lake and was going over the wake and reaching down and touching the water with one hand. He was pretty stoked.

Skylar went back and forth all day between having fun and pushing his limits. He really thought he should be able to swim with the bag on his cast and it was pretty near impossible to convince him otherwise so I just had to keep harping on him and he just kept pushing. There were several times that he became discouraged and went up to the cottage and did a little "pouting". He always recovered though and we tried to be grateful and keep a positive outlook for the most part. It really helped having wonderful treats and really fun (and sympathetic) people to be around.

Bryn, Spence, Brock, Anne and Walter all went for a spin on the tubes and for the most part, had a blast.

Several of the guys got to try barefooting off a boom on the side of the boat, including Brighton, and in the afternoon the sun came out and everyone enjoyed soaking it up. Brock gave Brighton a little jet ski lesson too.

We enjoyed a really delicious dinner of steak, chicken and shrimp skewers that Rimon had grilled along with some yummy grilled veggies and fruit salad.

It was a gorgeous sunset on the lake, captured by Anne with her iPhone.

Once the cottage was cleaned up, we all piled back into our vehicles and headed to the Windmill, which is a little ice cream shop shaped like a working windmill. It was crowded, but the ice cream was very reasonably priced and delicious. It was a great way to end the day. We said goodbye to the HTG guys who would be flying out to their respective homes in the morning and Rimon and Lisa drove them back to their hotel. We headed for our trailer, tired out after a very fun day.

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