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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ogallala to Denver

When we got up this morning, Brock had a couple of phone meetings so the rest of us began the packing up process. It was already hot when we started our three and a half hour drive from Ogallala, Nebraska to the Denver, Colorado area.

We’d called ahead to see if we could get a spot at an RV park in the city of Golden, Colorado. It had good reviews, but was first come, first serve only. When I called, the guy I talked to said we could get a spot with water access and electricity. Since we thought we might stay at Eric’s house after we checked out the driveway, we went ahead and reserved that spot for one night only.

When we actually arrived at the park around 2 pm and I checked in at the office, the lady behind the counter said she had a site that she thought we’d like with FULL hookups. Nice surprise. She walked us over to it to see if it would work. It looked great so we went ahead and got setup. When I went back to the office to pay, the lady said we would have the option to stay as long as we wanted in that site for up to two weeks; we could just let her know our plans in the morning.

Brock got some work done. We all ate a small lunch. I asked if anyone wanted to join me on a walk with Heidi. Brighton volunteered and we headed out on the great bike path that winds right next to our site and right alongside Clear Creek. It looks as if it goes for miles in different directions. We took a circular approach however. We did detour to a little historical spot with log cabins and a chicken yard. Heidi was pulling really hard towards the chickens. All of a sudden her prong collar popped off and she darted towards the coop. Of course, right where she approached the fence, there was a hole in the chicken wire and she was through it and in chasing chickens. Heart racing, I was yelling at her “No!” and “Come!” The chickens were all scattering and clucking. She actually got one of the chickens in her mouth. Just at that moment, a guy came running down the bank to the coop and threw a couple of egg cartons at Heidi as he stepped through a door on the other side of the coop. His presence startled her and broke her concentration and she looked for escape. She headed towards the hole in the fence. I reached through the hole and grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her out before she could change her mind. The egg carton guy was not very happy and I was extremely embarrassed, not to mention all shaky. When will this dog grow up?
It was a lovely walk before the "chicken incident".

Towards the end of the work day, Brock started communicating with his HTG friend, Eric Adkins, about plans for the evening. We decided we would pick up some pizzas and take them up to eat at Eric and his wife, Deshika’s house.

We stopped at a local pizza chain and picked up the pizzas and then drove up into the mountains to find their house. When we pulled up into the drive, Eric was outside walking their little puppy, Kaipo, and he had a big cockatoo on his shoulder who we would learn was named Peaches. Peaches was making a crazy squawking talking noise that sounded like a noisy toy radio speaker or something. We learned that Eric had had Peaches for 15 years and she was about 20 years old! She was kind of a rescue situation in that she had been living with a bunch of college guys who had locked her in a closet. :O( Due to her abusive past, she has pulled out all her belly feathers so she has a bit of a startling look, but we would realize after observing her throughout the evening that she has a LOT of personality and that she is very affectionate with Eric and Deshika. She would do this really funny evil villain laugh with her head thrown back. Her favorite words were "Hello, Peaches!" She would boogie around on her gym and she ate pizza with us! Quite the character. Due to the fact that her underbelly is naked, we could observe her craw filling up with all the food she was eating. It was really interesting. She would start the noisy squawking talk whenever no one was paying her attention, but when she had an audience she would really entertain.

Kaipo is a 10-week old black lab/border collie mix. He is hyper like a normal puppy, but seems to be a really good little dog. The kids loved playing with him. He does still have those needle-like puppy teeth that you have to watch out for.

We got to meet Eric and Deshika’s two and a half year old son, Leo also. He is a bundle of energy and incredibly cute with big brown eyes, curly brown hair, and a big smile accompanied with big dimples.

Eric gave us a tour of the house which they are renting at least for the next year. It has an incredible, almost panoramic view of the valley and surrounding mountains. The property has a bunch of trees and the neighbors are a good distance away. We could understand why they chose to rent it.

We all finally ate pizza and then headed out to look at the stars. There was a nearly full moon and some cloud cover, which Eric thought made the skies “terrible”, but it was still a really nice night in our opinion.

We visited with the Adkins just a little while more and talked about the possibility of a hike for tomorrow and then our family headed out into the night in our trusty Yukon to drive the 50-minute drive back down the mountain to our trailer in Golden, parked right alongside Clear Creek, all set up and hooked up. We decided we wouldn’t try to move our trailer up the wind-y road that ends in a dirt road to park at the Adkins’ house.

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