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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dinner by the Pool at the Country Club

Today was the first day of Brock's HTG meetings so he and Rimon went in early to Rimon's office to get the conference room ready. I went a little later to the office to meet Anne and Keith Schoolcraft and pick up Walter and Abigail to come spend the day with the kids and I at the Moses home while Anne and Keith were in meetings all day.

Caleb and Sam were both home for the day. All the kids played well together and it made for a pretty quiet day surprisingly.

Lisa had to work at Rimon's office today too and came home in the afternoon. She had planned a wonderful dinner for us all. We offered to pick up Anne as the HTG meetings were finishing up so she could hang out with us too while all the men went out to eat on their own. We piled all the kids into two cars and headed to pick up Anne and then drove to the Country Club where we had a table reserved by the pool.

The kids could swim and we could order dinner and eat poolside. I'd tried to talk Sky into using a garbage bag on his cast so that he could still dangle his feet and kick around in the kiddie pool and he refused. He didn't think that sounded very fun so we didn't even bring his swim trunks or the plastic bag. Of course, once he got there, he wanted to try it and I had to tell him he couldn't. If he were to get his cast wet, it would ruin it and have to be re-casted so it really wouldn't be worth taking a chance.

He managed to have fun watching the other kids and eating and playing on his tablet at the table. Lisa left for a couple of minutes and came bag with some take-out bags and some duct tape so we wrapped his arm up really good and I did let him dangle his feet a little. It was really nerve-wracking because I could see the extra weight of his cast, plus his head, throwing him off balance as he would reach to touch the water with his free hand. I kept having to caution him which I know got old for both of us.

The food was really good and the three moms really enjoyed visiting together while the kids enjoyed horsing around in the pool or in the case of Skylar, playing Angry Birds.

When we left the Country Club, Lisa led the way in her car with half the kids and I followed with Anne and the rest of the kids in our car. We dropped the Schoolcrafts off at their hotel and headed back to the Moses house.  The kids begged to have a sleepover in the basement and I agreed to let them. Brock and Rimon came home around 10 pm. Bryn decided to sleep in the trailer, but all the boys piled onto the comfy sofas for a late night of video games and horseplay. I was a little concerned for Sky, but decided to trust that the guys would look out for him and they did.

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