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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Noah's Ark Water Park & Mom and Sky Date

This morning we ate a big pancakes, bacon and sausage breakfast together with the Schoolcrafts and then Brock, Brighton, Brynna and Spencer got ready for a day at the water park. Sky and I went with them to get their tickets at a discount outlet and then dropped them off. It looked like a fun place and Sky was a little down about not getting to go. He and I would make some other plans though.

Brighton shot some video of the day with his GoPro, but he hasn't taken the time to edit it yet so hopefully, some of that will be forthcoming.

Here are some kid quotes about Noah's Ark Water Park:

Brighton - My favorite ride was the body boarding because it was a big giant fake wave so it felt like you were on a real wave. You got two tries and there was a guy who told you what to do, like kneel, and it felt like it lasted a long time. The Quadzilla was also fun because it was four tubes and you could go on it with the people you knew.

Spencer - My favorite was the body boarding too because it was my first time ever being on a wave like that and I've always wanted to surf. I also like the StingRay because it was like a skate ramp; you would go down a big drop and then back up again.

Brynna - I liked the Bermuda Triangle which is these slides that are really curvy and you ride on a two-person tube and go up on the sides around the curves. We went on it a lot. I didn't want to go on it at first, but I ended up liking it. Most of the day I stayed out with Abigail because it was a good excuse for me not to go on some of the rides and I had a lot of fun with her.
Skylar and I went back to the trailer after dropping the others off at the water park. I needed to clean up the breakfast mess and take a shower and then he and I looked through a magazine about the area and narrowed down our choices on what to do.

We decided to go to Wisconsin Deer Park which is a place where you get to walk around with and hand feed the various types of deer and see a few other types of animals as well. We had a fun, relaxing time.

As we were leaving the Deer Park we crossed into the parking lot of another attraction in Wisconsin Dells, Top Secret, where supposedly aliens came and captured the White House and then returned it upside down where you can now go and see the secret stuff that is stored in the White House basement. We decided to just take advantage of a photo op with the t-rex that was bursting through the wall.

Next, we headed to the downtown area where we fed a parking meter and walked around window shopping and went into the Goody Goody Gum Drop Candy Store and got ice cream cones which we ate outside by their beautiful flower baskets. Skylar had, can you guess?, RAINBOW SHERBET and I had pistachio in delicious waffle cones.

Next we headed to a go cart track which was very close to Noah's Ark since it was getting close to time to pick up the rest of the family. Sky had never driven go carts before and seemed excited to try it. When we got up to buy tickets we saw that he wasn't tall enough to drive by himself by quite a bit, but I felt a little better about that anyway with him being temporarily one-handed. It turned out that he would be free as a second passenger and my ticket was only $3! I was tempted to get 4 tickets for $10, but thought we'd just do one to see how Sky liked it.

We took off on the race track and enjoyed, I think, about 5 laps. We successfully navigated with no crashes.

I asked Sky what he thought of it and he said something like "It was ok. It was louder and stinkier than I thought it would be." Wow. That was a bit of a bummer. I'm glad we did it, but I don't see a lot of go-carting in our future.

When we left the track, we decided to just park at the water park and see if they would let us in to look around since it would be closing in less than an hour and we just wanted to see if we could watch the rest of our family. We got a parking place right at the front by the doors and they let us walk in. :O)
We got a call from Brock almost immediately that they were about done so we met up with them by the lockers. I don't think Skylar liked hearing about all the fun activities the rest of the family got to do today. ;o)

Thankfully, there was one more event that Sky was looking forward to for the day. Anne had heard about a restaurant called Buffalo Phil's where you get your food delivered by a train and we planned to check it out for dinner. 

We got there before the Schoolcrafts and went to see about getting a table for 10. The girl behind the counter said we could be seated right away, but if we wanted a train table, the wait would be up to 45 minutes. We decided we'd better wait particularly for our youngest members of the group. There were some nice benches to sit on outside the restaurant.

It was almost exactly 45 minutes when our buzzer went off and we were seated. Most of our group decided to try the restaurant's homemade root beer and it was delivered to our table by a choo choo train with some flat bed cars behind it. Cool stuff! We got some fun hats. At one point when the train wasn't busy delivering food, it came by the tables blowing bubbles.


A fun way to end a good day!

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