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Friday, August 9, 2013

HTG Dinner

Early this morning, Brock and Rimon headed back into Rimon's office for a second day of meetings. Anne had decided to stay with her kids at the hotel for the morning, but planned to come join Lisa and I at the Moses home around lunch time. The plan was that the moms and kids would hang out together all afternoon and eat something easy for dinner at the house while all the guys were going to play golf and eat a late dinner at the Country Club.

Lisa's morning at the office didn't quite go as planned and then the HTG guys plans changed too and so, kind of last minute, the plan was that everyone would eat dinner at the Moses home together. Rimon's company had gotten some Packers tickets and some of the guys were going to that game which was a good 2 hour's drive away.

Lisa called in the mid-afternoon to inform us of the change in plans. She sounded a little frazzled and so Anne and I assured her we would help however we could. Lisa would go and get dinner supplies and she asked us about some of the side dishes to go with some special hamburgers that one of the guys wanted to make for everyone. Lisa already had the whole plan figured out and really just wanted reassurance. What a gift she has for hospitality! Anne and I would do a light housekeeping. Caleb and Sam would take care of mowing the grass. Caleb unexpected discovered a bee hive and was stung for the first time right on the ankle. So that was a bummer. We watched him a little closely to make sure we didn't see any signs of allergic reaction since both Lisa and Jocelyn both have bee sting allergies.

We didn't have a head count of who all was attending so we just guesstimated. I ran to the store for some ice.

Lisa got home with the food and the three of us worked together to cut up some fruit and get tables set up outside. Anne whipped up a batch of brownies and she and I followed Lisa's recipe for a broccoli salad.

Skylar was feeling a little discouraged that he couldn't play video games downstairs with the kids since he "only had one arm" and was sitting at the table in the kitchen/dining area playing on his new tablet while it was plugged in to charge. When he turned, the cord caught on his sling and the tablet hit the tile floor, cracking the screen. So sad. Big crocodile tears. Thankfully, the tablet is still functional, just not quite as pretty. We will pick up a screen protector to help hold it together and also look for a cover for protection for both Sky and Spence's tablets which is something that we have been meaning to do and knew we needed to do, but hadn't gotten around to yet. Big bummer! Sky is doing really well with his arm. No pain meds since Wednesday, so that is great!

The guys arrived and it was a small crowd, just Rimon and Brock and Keith and a member from San Diego, Jeremy, the gourmet burger maker.

The burgers were seasoned with teriyaki sauce and stuffed with goat cheese and were really delicious. We also got to eat some brats which were cooked in the way that I guess is traditional, but I'd never tried, boiled in beer and onions and then grilled. Yum! Everyone ate dinner on the back patio and the kids cleared out to the basement to play when they were finished eating and the adults talked and laughed and there were a lot of business ideas shared in a fun way over the table well into when it got dark and the mosquitoes were biting. This HTG group has opened up for our family the opportunity to meet a lot of really great people and I for one am thankful.

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