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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend on the Farm

We got up pretty early to get to the festivities at the Sorenson farm. We ate a quick bowl of cereal at the trailer and then headed out to get there by 8:30 am. There was a great worship time and then the kids were dismissed to go to their classes. There was an elementary class with probably about 20 kids in it which was led by a retired schoolteacher with 30 years experience and a homeschool dad of 8 kids. Spencer and Skylar both got to attend this class. Brighton and Brynna both attended the middle and high school class which was a little smaller, but they had a great time with their leaders, Caleb and Alyssa who we'd met the night before. They are a young couple who are currently working with a training program in Colorado Springs for the next two years, but who definitely have a heart to live in a foreign country and establish relationships with the people somewhere like India or Indonesia on a long-term basis. It will be interesting to follow them and see where they end up.

We had different speaker sessions throughout the day and Brock and I had to go up all alone and present the poster that we made last night since Caleb and Alyssa had taken their class (Brighton included) and the last small group member we had, Brian, had to work today. Brock did pretty much all the talking and I just stood there and tried not to turn too red.

After the morning session, we were assigned to get back into our small groups. Well, we decided to join up with another group and our new group was tasked with heading out to a specified location to write a parable with parallels between that location and the Church today. :O) We were assigned to go to the hog pen! LOL Our group had a great time making the connections and coming up with a funny parable.

Then it was lunch time. Hot dogs were the main dish. There was more delicious sweet corn. We enjoyed visiting with new people over the lunch table, a sweet couple who'd just become empty nesters.

There were a couple more speakers in the afternoon and then there was a family craft project and some olympics to participate in. The craft project was a stained glass mosaic. I thought it would be cool to create a lasting keepsake from our time at the farm, but the kids lost interest pretty quickly as one of the events was hurling water balloons with a big sling shot. Pretty hard to compete with that. So, I kind of forced them to help me one at a time for a short time and then we got it finished up. It didn't turn out as beautiful in real life as it was in my head, but I enjoyed making it and might like to do something like it again. The instructor had already broken all the different colors of glass into little pieces and they were in separate bowls. We were given a framed clear piece of glass with a coloring sheet behind it and then we glued the broken pieces puzzle fashion into the shapes on the coloring sheet. When we were all done, the instructor and his volunteers grouted the space between the pieces. It looks cool, but pretty abstract when we were trying to make a flower. ;O)

We had to run back to the campground to let Heidi out and feed her dinner, but we were so low on gas that we had to go into the "metropolis" of Harlan to fill up and then go to the trailer. Heidi was extremely glad to see us. She was sad to see us leave about 30 minutes later to head back into Harlan to the First Baptist Church for an opportunity to hear a concert pianist play 10 hymns that some of the group had voted on. He was extremely talented, but it was a little difficult for some in our party to sit still for the 45 minutes he played and talked. The music was amazing however.

When the "concert" was over, we got to go into a multipurpose room at the church for dinner. Anne came over and suggested that for the speakers in this evening session, maybe she and I should take the kids somewhere else so that Keith and Brock could listen. Brighton decided he wanted to stay also. Anne and I and the kids headed back to the trailer to hang out and watch Madagascar. They had never seen it before and it was really fun to watch it with them and laugh out loud at the parts they thought were hilarious.

The guys came home and told us that the evening speakers had been really good. One of them was quite a comedian and the other was a couple who talked about successful marriages. Keith and Anne left as soon as the movie was over so they could get Walter and Abigail to bed since it was already about 10 pm!

We all crashed as well.

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